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  Bearing Units    






  New Product Stainless Steel & Aluminum Series



Linear Way  
The way system is the part of the machine tool that holds linear motion on track in each axis. There are two basic types:
1. Box ways, or “hardened ground ways.” This is the conventional approach. A box-shaped stationary way mates with a slide. A thin film of oil is pumped between them to keep the slide moving.
2. Linear guides. Many newer machining centers use this system. A linear bearing rolls along a guideway. This guideway is usually profiled in some way to help the bearing grip it.
  Spherical Bushings
High Quality Spherical Bushings
    High Quality Spherical Bushings Plain Bearings GE 10 E, the inner race can swivel like a ball joint, the inner diameter is 10 mm, outer diameter is 19 mm and the width is 9mm, this is a popular size that could be used in many applications.



    We also manufacture SI /SA Series rod end bearings. Special thread bearings for pneumatic and hydraulics also in INCH SERIES , we have developed special rod end bearings for switchgear , textile ,packing industries, we manufacture as per customer too.



  One-way cam clutches    
    One-way cam clutches are the workhorse of general industry and are also equally applicable to the leisure and white goods markets. In this article Bob Young of Tsubaki UK outlines the uses for cam clutches & describes some typical examples.



  Needie Roller Bearings    
    Features: Widely used in motorcycles, mopeds, automobiles, power/ pneumatic tools, high industrial/engineering and printing machinery, machine tools, etc. Models available: HK, BK, ...
  Super Precision    
    Super precision bearings adopted ISO specifications and the last new national standards to produce its productions, the productions quality steadily improve because of the control of all the processes from the materials cutting to services after sales.